Longy VS Linnen

There’s one hell of a collaboration happening in Southend this Friday night in the form of two of Southend’s musical MVP’s and we caught up with them both ahead of the show to see what’s in store for Chinnerys.

First of all, lets catch up with where they’re both at right now.

LONGY: “My ethos is easy, as soon as your eyes open in the morning try and do the best things you can do for yourself and the people around you, take the chance and align with what you wanna do, don’t be a 9 to 5 which you’ll only resent, you get one life, so then no matter what it takes go and be your dreams, they wait for you.

I’m not trying to do anything but make the best possible music that I can, other bands standards and bars are not even close to where me and my band start from, Just look at the tripe around, its everywhere, people won’t sit and craft anymore, they’d sooner watch a you tube clip and borrow feelings than explore their own.”

Last time we saw Longy, he was playing with Recreations at Chinnerys, and it was a pretty special show to say the least. This year Longy has come out fighting, putting together a massive, new EP, some unforgettable tracks and this show was probably their tightest show of the year. That is, he assures us, until Friday.


BACON: This Chinnerys show is a home show which is always a big thing for you (your last one there is going to be a tough one to follow) what can you say about the local music scene? And how are you going to make this one special?

LONGY: “There isn’t a local music scene, and if there is me and my band don’t want anything to do with it, theres a few bands that have put out some songs and followed them up with an average gig or a tour and had some coverage by a PR company they have paid, or had a shit load of money pumped into them to give people the dancing fois gras act.  If I had to write a book about this game, there would be a chapter on this syndrome, that’s not me being elitessed or negative, that’s me being real about music, I make tunes for the universe not for some scenester that thinks a new grain of coffee bean is gonna change the world, If you can’t sit down and play your song on a piano or on an acoustic guitar I don’t wanna know or talk to you about music, it should be in your veins, in your blood, in your fucking heart.

It feels special every time I go to stage, I wanna take you to a deeper sense of yourself in one moment and heal any scars or demons your dealing with just like I am.  And if I don’t get near that then I’m not doing my job right.”


Linnen is somewhat contrastive in his answers; short and succinct which much resembles his attitude and stage presence. Everything is tight, he’s sharp and charismatic as well as having that cheeky edge. Longy on the other hand is much more allusive, mysterious and you’re often left wondering what the hell just happened.

LINNEN: “This’ll be the first show with Linnen at Chinnerys. There’s some bands bubbling up and creating some waves locally, it’s just a shame there isn’t more places to play, but on the whole there is a lot of talent in Southend. Luckily enough London is only down the road. Chinnerys is a great venue and I’m excited to take the new band to a home from home.”

BACON: So you’ve had a bit of a change up since  we last saw you play, what’s the line up now?

LINNEN: “We’ve got a new guitarist and we’ve got rid of keys. Less members equals less stress. Really happy with the line up but the old members are still sorely missed.”

BACON: So what can everyone expect from this gig and from Linnen in general?

LINNEN: “There’s going to be two new songs in the set, one’s a bit of a rearranging of one of my older songs as well as a brand new one.”

What we can guarantee from this show is a lot of energy, an absolutely massive night with some real, raw performances from both. We are massively excited to see what’s they’ve got in store for us this show, putting two bands like this together for one almighty gig is a big thing for the music scene. This amalgamation of both music and big characters has been presented to us as if the two were fighting it out, and we’re happy to go down and be the judges!

BACON: Why LONGY VS LINNEN? What have you got to say about Linnen and can we expect any collaborations?

LONGY: “Starting with the last question, yeah a collab could be on the cards for 2017, collabs are good writing exercises and always push you down roads that you wouldn’t necessarily go, there’s a raw truth to Linnen’s music which I hope sees the light of day. As for LONGY VS LINNEN, I just thought it made the posters look good.”

LINNEN: “A collaboration could happen, yeah.”

So in true VS form, we asked them both who would win in an actual, real life fight, and of course, they both opted for themselves. When asked what their game plan would be Linnen told us that it wouldn’t really take much! Whereas Longy said that he’d go for low blows under the belt! Pretty ruthless…

LONGY: “Couldn’t give a shit as long as I won, we’re cut from the same cloth though, endurance to the end, we’d knock ten tons of gullet out of each other then sip chamomile round a chess board.”

As much as we don’t like to have favourites, our moneys firmly on Linnen, who coincidently will be boxing the following day for charity at The Park Inn in Southend. So if anyone would like to support a good cause and possibly see Linnen win two battles in the space of 2 days, go down there Saturday!

There is one thing for sure, against each other or not, this gig will be one to be at. Two fairly different sounds, but complimenting each other well with those raw and real vibes. Both offer a captivating show, a lot of attitude complete with two rugged looking front men.

Stay tuned for live bits and more from both of these in the new year.

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Longy – Careful What You Wish For

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