Chat With Luke Branch Asylums Singer & Guitar Player + Co-Founder Of Cool Thing Records

We caught up with Luke Branch – Singer / Guitarist in Asylums & Co-Founder of Cool Thing Records ahead of Asylums’ headline hometown show on 2nd December buy tickets here.

Expect energy, expect power, expect graft, expect honesty and expect passion. 2nd December will bring you everything it means to create with your mates. Cool Thing Records the shining beacon of creative culture.

What does it mean to come back and play in your home town after going around the country? It feels great, we have no expectations at all other than to play music with our mates and have fun. Southend shows do always mean a lot to us, we have always lived here, cut our teeth in bands here and identify it as home…….it will be a lovely way to sign off 2017 and celebrate finishing recording on our next album. I think we are gonna drop a few new songs into the set actually……if you include the BAIT record me and Mike made its our 3rd album in 3 years. We should probably get some hobbies or other interests but quite frankly making music is just too fun!

So, hows the new album going? We can’t wait to hear it in full… We are just finalising some backing vocal parts and small overdub parts, then we are mixing in Liverpool. It’s got a different feel to it, I guess the frame has widened and the message is different this time……the world is different, there’s no point repeating the same piece of work. The first album was a troubled brain in a microwave, the second is the human soul in space.

We were down at the Suspects shoot the other day, and we’re really excited about Suspects and seeing them do their thing in a space such a Chinnerys. Adding Suspects to the roster feels like a real arm to Cool Thing… Yeah, we are getting better at multi-tasking as a band and a label, last week’s Suspects shoot was a good example, Mike, Kana and Hayley were down at the shoot helping make things come together and me and Henry were on a boat / studio in St Catherines doc in London recording backing vocals. Every day is like that at the minute, but momentum breeds momentum.

Tell people about the other bands playing with you on the 2nd… We are lucky enough to have three amazing supports for the 2nd December and the night is as much about them as it is about us; Suspects are main support and Tom and Jaff are really blossoming at the moment, I helped out with some production ideas and backing vocals during their last recording session for Single 2 and I was very impressed with them, Tom has an amazing voice and persona on record and I think Jaff is a very unique drummer, he has an almost math rock element to his playing but it’s all filtered through a punk rock ethos. I was introduced to Darrah by Kana Waiwaiku (our in house photographer at Cool Thing), he invided Mike to play his ‘Just Friends’ night earlier this year and I was impressed…..he has this cool Graham Coxan meets Elliot Smith quality when he plays solo but as a band its more Mac Demarco influenced. Finally A.C.I.D are a personal favorite, I’ve known the boys in that band for a long time, Liam is a super creative force and very artistic in his approach the boys in the band are also great performers…..Dom and Owen have huge personas onstage. I like to think of them as Aphex Twin via Minor Threat. Get down early and catch them all because you won’t be disappointed.

So it’s been a great year for the label, what’s the plan for 2018?  We have a plan of events for next year but it’s also good to stay spontaneous. There will be a lot of Asylums, Beckie Margaret, Suspects and many more. The plan as always is to keep it fun, keep it moving and keep it in perspective. We are all huge music geeks, I always buy a few albums a week because new music feeds my creativity…….we just wanna be part of that cycle………contributing art to the world and just letting it hang there for others to enjoy. It’s about finding energy and passion and encouraging it, tuning out the negatives and challenges and finding a path regardless.

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