Catching Up With Moshhh

We love music discovery and think its the most important thing in music to embrace new vibrant music. We came across a really f***ing cool subscription box by the name of Moshhh.
Moshhh is “the ultimate monthly music discovery subscription box. You can discover three hand-picked artists every month, then you can choose your favourite and get a box filled with their limited-edition merch and goodies.” We caught up with creator Charlie Ryan.

Like you we think its really important to get people discovering new music, why are you so passionate about it?
I guess it comes from growing up as a bored kid in a rough town – the local music scene was an oasis of hope in a place where everything else around you tells you that you have no future, and nobody cares about you. But then you’d go to these tiny, sweaty-walled venues, and they’d be packed to the rafters full of people in the same position as you escaping from the world and having a really great time.

With Moshhh we want to bring that sense of escapism to everyone. Get people to discover new bands that they can relate to, support the artists they love, go out to more gigs, and just have a good time.

How did you come up with the idea?
It’s kind of simple really, I was looking for a subscription box that’d help me discover new bands, and there wasn’t anything that really appealed to me, so I made something that did.

There’s a few music subscription boxes – but they all either sell records, or generic merch, and don’t really give you the chance to customise the boxes to your taste. No one wants a t-shirt or record for a band they don’t like. So I figured we can offer something much better – and came up with a simple three step process: Discover and get to know a selection of artists every month, Choose your favourite, and Experience them through their merchandise, gigs and more.

What are the backgrounds of the people involved?
We’ve got a really great little team, and I couldn’t have done this without them! Currently there’s a few people working on it – Nick, Ian, Vic, Alice, and myself.

Nick directs most of our video content, and also tours with Milk Teeth, Boston Manor and a bunch of other great up-and-coming bands as a photographer.

Ian is a very highly regarded local record producer who’s worked with some top artists such as Anavae (Better Noise Records/Eleven Seven) and Roam (Hopeless Records), he produces all of our audio for the live sessions and lets us use his great little studio (and sick lamp collection).

Vic is our super-talented stand in for Nick when he’s on tour, he’s also worked with some really cool people (including Big Narstie).

Alice is my better half and an all-round genius who helps out with pretty much anything that needs doing as it come up.

Then there’s me (Charlie), I do pretty much everything that isn’t listed above – but really my favourite part of my job is talking to customers, hearing what they think, and striving to design and develop the best possible product for them.

Why three H’s? Any reason?
Haha, that’s a secret, I’ve heard a few guesses but none of them have been close. The answer is actually surprisingly obvious. First person to guess it gets a free box!

What bands/artists have you had in your boxes so far?
We’ve only been going for a couple of months, so only a few – but they’re all rather good! We’ve had quite a range of artists from Ella Morgan (a relatively unknown, totally badass local singer/ songwriter with an amazing voice) to Anavae (a popular alternative rock/pop band with massive tunes, who’ve just been picked up by a pretty big label).

This month we’ve got a trio of very different Kentish bands – SKIES, a brilliant synth pop duo from Folkestone, Canterbury based alternative rockers The Alchemy, and hailing from Medway, the punky yet intricate Emo band Drawstring.

What bands/artists are coming up?
That’s a secret (for now) – needless to say we’re keeping our standards very high.

Whats planned for the future? Gigs? Videos?
A lot. I wish I could tell you all of it, because some of it’s very, very cool, but here’s what I can tell you now:

Firstly, improved our pricing, it’s now £15/month for a Bundle Box subscription, and £20/month for the VIP bundle – with discounts for buying multiple months up front (as low as £12/month and £17/month respectively).

Next, we’ve launched our new flagship Exclusive bundle boxes – which for £35/mo (or as little as £30/mo if buying up front) contain everything in our VIP boxes from all of the featured artists in a given month. We’re also going to be improving our VIP boxes this month, adding even more signed goodies, and some very special unique mementos from the artists.

We’re also working on something a little bit special (and rather secret) coming early next year that will help get our community of fans and subscribers much more involved with all things Moshhh.